Allo Doctors: Q & A about cosmetic fillings (P1)

Allo Doctors: Q & A about cosmetic fillings (P1)

Aesthetic dental fillings are a common dental treatment, not to the detriment of you.For small cavities, dental fillings treatment can help prevent tooth decay, so you should fill your teeth as soon as the tooth decay or deep hole.Here are some answers and advice of Nhan Tam Dental Center about customer questions about cosmetic fillings.

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1. Did a cosmetic filler change color after a period of filling? How long after filling?

Answer: The color of the cosmetic filler or, in other words, the color of the tooth depends not only on the appropriate color choice from the beginning, but also on the relative color changes occurring over time. Both teeth and tooth structure can change color by age.

Although cosmetic fillings are increasingly being improved with ultraviolet absorbers, antioxidants are less likely to discolor, but their structure remains subject to a change of color over time. due to the intensity of ivory by age;Therefore, it is inevitable that the color change is not appropriate after many years.

In addition, it is important to distinguish the true color (as mentioned above) with color changes due to food, drink or smoke.This requires a dental room to clean and polish again.

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2. Why is a toothpaste filling sometimes sensitive after filling? Know how to cure? 

Answer:Without regard to the main pain due to pulp disease that should be taken before the pulp filling the last tooth aesthetic tooth paste is sensitive after filling can be due to the following causes:

- Due to compression pressure of the material into the sinus cavity filling, it is possible to move the ivory in the ivory tubes causing pain.

- Due to the illumination of the lamp, the composite tends to shrink towards the head of the lamp creating a gap between the composite and ivory, then filling the void.Therefore, when chewing, pressure force chewing fluid move to feel pain.

These cases require the doctor to check the fill and may have to fill again.

3. The maxillary incisors are about 2mm thin, is there a natural fit without braces or dentures? 

Reply: Now with the advancement of cosmetic dentistry, the case of thinning incisors can be tightened by applying a layer of composite toothpaste to the tooth surface. This drug will stick to the teeth with a special adhesive in the dentist. This technique gives good aesthetic results and is less expensive. But be careful not to eat, biting hard on these teeth to keep the pads firmly.

4. Dental caries are injured by hard objects while playing sports, teeth are discolored but not damaged. Please tell me why the color change? 

Answer:When the hard object hits the teeth, even though the teeth are not broken, they may break and the blood vessels (teeth) that break the teeth and bleed and release hemoglobin containing iron.Hemoglobin combines with NH3 from decomposition and bacteria, and H2S produces compounds that are reddish brown or black.These substances penetrate the teeth to discolor.


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