Allo doctors: Q & A about extractions

Allo doctors: Q & A about extractions

Allo doctor - answers questions related to tooth extraction such as cases can not be extracted, pregnant patients can extract the teeth, tooth extraction does cause any nerve damage or not. .. 

Should braces peanuts from the jaw?

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1. Question: Which cases can not be extracted?

Answer: The cases can not beextracted immediately can be due to general disease or in situ.

Pathology body:including diseases of coagulation, uncontrolled cardiovascular disease, blood disease malignant, uncontrolled diabetes, and some medications.In these cases, consult a specialist and only intervene when the patient is stable after medical treatment.

- Onsitemedical conditions include those in the area undergoing radiotherapy and acute infection.

2. Question: Are pregnant patients able to extract their teeth?

Answer:It is often advisable to delay theremoval of teethin pregnant women if not emergency, the most convenient time to extract the teeth in pregnant patients is the third trimester.In cases of extreme need, if the tooth extraction in the first 3 months or the last 3 months of pregnancy must have the opinion of the obstetrician.

3. Question: How many teeth can be extracted at a time?

Answer: Thenumber of teeth spit at each time depends on the position of the teeth, dental status and health of the patient, can be removed 2 to 3 adjacent teeth in the same time.Do not spit at the teeth on the sides of the jaw as it interfere with the patient's eating.

4. Question: Can we remove a series of teeth at once?

Answer:This is a caseof massextraction, this method can be applied in some special cases: spit out all the teeth specified with the bone jaw adjustment to create a good background for the denture. This.This method has the advantage of shortening the duration of treatment for patients, patients only need to take medicine and pain once.

5. Question: Should all unerupted teeth be extracted on jaws?

Answer: It isnot necessary to spit all the teeth on the jaw without causing complications.Some cases have to remove the teeth as required by the orthopedic or prosthetic.However, periodic follow-up should be monitored for possible early diagnosis of pathological changes

6. Question: Does tooth extraction cause nerve damage?

Answer:No,tooth extractiondoes not affect the nervous system, except in rare cases, such as extraction of the lower teeth, especially wisdom teeth can cause numbness of the lips after spit due to the position of the legs close to path of the nerve.This case will recover gradually over time.

Anesthesia before extraction

7. Question: What care is needed after the tooth extraction?

Answer:Need to bite firmly at the tooth spit at least 20 minutes later.Absolutely not spit, rinse with salted water for 6 hours after spit.Eat soft and cold at least 2 hours after spit, avoid chewing strong at the position of teeth just spit.Do not touch hands or use other objects to touch the wound.Avoid biting lips, cheeks, tongue when numbness.

8. Question: After extracting the tooth, what should we do if there is bleeding at the spit position?

Answer:Use clean gauze or gauze at the position of the teeth just spit, bite and hold firmly in place for 20 minutes, limit gargling within the first 6 hours after extraction, avoid chewing at the teeth position. just spit.Return to the clinic if the bleeding does not improve or increase.

9. Question: Should we have mouthwash or saline after tooth extraction to disinfect the wound?

Answer:After the tooth extraction, the clitoris will form a clot to prevent bleeding.Absolutely not to gargle, salivate after extraction of teeth will prevent the establishment of blood clot sealing wounds extracted teeth and clotting clots formed in the tooth after extraction causes bleeding after extraction of teeth. .

10. Question: Should we extract teeth when we have toothache seriously?

Answer:It is not advisable topull the teethin such cases because the anesthesia will be ineffective, the patient will have severe pain when spit and risk of recurrent infection.There should be medical treatment before (antibiotic, analgesic and reduce swelling) from 1 to 3 days.However, there are cases where it is possible to uproot, but must follow some strict requirements of the doctor.

11. Question: How long can we do the denture after tooth extraction?

Answer:Time depends on the degree of bone disposition of each person, an average of 1 month after extraction of teeth to the bone of the tooth and gums have a stable healing time.

12. Question: Do you have hemostatic medication before and after extraction?

Answer:Often,extractionsare needed to stop bleeding at the site of extraction.However, for some patients with systemic bleeding diseases (cystic fibrosis, cirrhosis, etc.), hemodialysis may be required before and after extraction but must be prescribed by the doctor. .

13. Question: Should I fast before extracting my teeth?

Answer:Absolutely not hungry stomach when extracting teeth because patients are more likely to be fatigued, fainting when caused by hypoglycemia.In addition, patients often fasting after spit due to chewing difficulty should have a long period of starvation and disability.


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