Allo doctors: Q & A about tooth decay prevention

Allo doctors: Q & A about tooth decay prevention

1. Question: Why do I have tooth decay even though I frequently brush my teeth well?

 Tooth Decay - Causes and Prevention


Usually teeth are caused by:

- Unclean toothbrush: There are many bacteria attached around the neck.Bacteria as much as foods high in carbohydrates, sugar.Bacteria fermented carbohydrates in the diet of acid-producing bacillus.Acid dissolves mineral salts of tooth enamel, causing deep holes on teeth.

- Defects of enamel: There are two main types

+ Enamel tooth is easy to dissolve in the acid due to the composition of minerals in the surface of enamel.

+ The enamel surface has many deep grooves, easy to store food but difficult to brush clean.Feed is a nutrient source of bacteria, causing acid to cause cavities in the grooves.

Therefore, brushing alone is not enough to keep teeth from becoming deeper.

2. Question: What should I do to prevent cavities?


Currently 5 measures are recommended to help preserve good teeth

- Brush your teeth at least once a day before going to bed

- Use products containing fluoride to help enamel less dissolved in acid.

- During the period when the teeth are growing, take the child to the dental office or the dental office of the school dental program and, if indicated, the gum surface of the newly molten teeth will be filled with a sealant.

- Control sugar in foods and how to eat sugar by giving children tea or candy immediately after two meals, then clean the jaw.Fresh meals should be served to children.

- Periodontal examination every 6 months for young people.Older or more problematic teeth, gingivitis or periodontitis should visit 3 or 4 times a year.

3. Question: How many times should I brush my teeth a day?


According to recent studies in the dental industry just brush the teeth clean once before bedtime, the oral condition is not different from those who brush teeth 2-3 times or 4 times.But in fact, hardly anyone can brush the teeth clean ideal, moreover, we also relations in society, communicate with friends, in the work ...


- Brushing brighten up to avoid odors caused by bacteria fermented during sleep.

- Brush after each meal to avoid food odors and cleanse food debris.

- In addition, brushing is also a chance for fluoride in toothpaste to reduce tooth decay.According to S. Moss in 1998, brushing teeth with fluoride cream at least twice a day, saliva and fluoride protect teeth safely for snack eaters.


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