Causes of bad breath

Causes of bad breath

Bad breath is a common disease of all ages. It does not pose a health risk, but it affects the psychology as well as the work.

 The main cause of bad breath

 Prevention and treatment of bad breath

Bad breath causes many common causes of gum disease, gingivitis, oral cavity - the bottom of the tongue, sometimes causes sinusitis and digestive system.However, 90% of the causes of bad breath originate in the mouth.Foods that are food or drink that are not cleaned up create odorous breath compounds.

Group of causes from the mouth

- Poor oral hygiene, after meals, the amount of food left in the teeth create favorable opportunities for bacteria to ferment and develop, to produce compounds that smell.Plaque on the tongue consists of leftovers, white blood cells, and bacteria, and the tongue has cracks that create a low oxygen environment, which prevents the salivary glands from functioning. bacteria active, causingbad breath.Poor oral hygiene leads to the formation of deep holes, tooth decay from the lightest to the most severe is always the cause of bad breath in everyone.There are also cases where the denture is not fit properly, leading to food getting caught causing bad breath.

- Dry mouth: After radiation therapy or syndrome such as Sjogren reduce the amount of saliva in the mouth so the ability to brush itself naturally reduces the risk of tooth decay andbad breath.When the amount of saliva in the mouth is reduced by 50% compared to normal will cause antibacterial activity of saliva, bacteria in the mouth begin to grow will cause bad breath.When the salivary glands are poorly functioning, the body is dehydrated, suffering from diabetes, drugs ... are the cause of dry mouth and cause symptoms of difficulty swallowing, reduce taste, often reduce taste, mucosal inflammation

- Some bad foods cause bad breath: Some foods, such as onion, garlic, people who regularly drink alcohol, smoke ... also create a "special smell" when talking.

- Many other special causes such as people with cancer, treatment, radiation therapy, or diabetes, liver failure, kidney failure ...

According to TS - Dr. Vo Van Nhan: oral cavity is wet environment, favorable for bacteria to grow. Oral cavity contains millions of bacteria, if not care, thorough cleaning, this is the cause of most of bad breath .

On the advice of leading oral health professionals, you should go to dental clinics for dental exams and periodontal gums every 6 months to clean your mouth, and to soon detect and treat any disease. oral health


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