Cosmetic filling

Cosmetic filling

According to Dr. Vo Van Nhan: Cosmetic fillings that resemble the natural tooth color can restore the shape, structure and even help cover some imperfection of the enamel. A composite layer with the same color as the tooth surface is covered on that tooth with a special dental adhesive.

 Aesthetic fillings overcome cavities effectively

 Does tooth fill need to be removed?

Dental fillings help overcome tooth decay effectively

Cosmetic filling is a common dental treatment and does not cause any discomfort. For small cavities, dental fillings treatment can help prevent further tooth decay, so you should fill your teeth as soon as decaying teeth are detected.

After coating the composite layer on the tooth, the composite layer will automatically harden when exposed to the halogen light at a pre-determined time. The roughness of the hardened composite will be sand smooth and polished to look like natural teeth.

Nowadays, Cosmetic filling is more complete when supported by Laser Tech tooth filling technology. With Laser Tech technology the filling process will be faster, more accurate and safer, the filling is also more durable.

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