Dental care and hygiene

Dental care and hygiene

In the elderly, when using dentures should be paid attention to hygiene clean.Removing the denture all day will be easy to create bacteria in the mouth cause discomfort if not cleaned.

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Some notes on dental care and hygiene:

1. After each meal, remove the denture, clean and cleanse the gums twice a day.

2. Rub your denture with a soft brush with soap that does not contain dentures.Do not use conventional toothpastes or strong detergents such as bleach to clean the denture because it is easy to dent dentures.

3. Remove the denture at night and soak in a glass of water, so use the drug to soak the jaw.

4. When cleaning the denture, place it on a soft cloth or dip it in water, in case you accidentally drop the jaw.

5. If there are cracks or dentures that make you feel uncomfortable, go to the dentist for a correction.


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