Diabetes And Dental Treatment: What You Should Know

Diabetes And Dental Treatment: What You Should Know

Diabetes is one of the worrisome diseases for many people, especially the elderly.Diabetes reduces the resistance to increased risk of infection.Therefore, patients are more likely to have oral diseases than those who are more likely to develop them.Caring for people with diabetes is an important issue that people are concerned about.

 Take care after extraction and extraction minor surgery

 Place Sealant to prevent cavities

When performing a dental treatment for patients or family members, the following information should be noted:

1. State your current medical condition with your dentist.

2. Make appointments in the morning.

3. Use medication (if needed) and eat normally before visiting the dentist.

4. It is best to reserve sweets or candy in a bag.

5. Test your blood sugar

6. If blood sugar is unstable, treatment should be stopped immediately.

Give your doctor the list of medications you are taking

8. Always follow your doctor's instructions

9. Diabetes mellitus will last longer than normal people, and special attention should be paid to postoperative wound care.


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