Does orthodontia affect oral health?

Does orthodontia affect oral health?

Question: Hello doctor, my teeth are quite deviated, I want to orthodontist to improve the chewing function. However, I find that the orthodontic removal of teeth, or interdental teeth... I wonder whether orthodontics affects the health of the teeth? 

(Manh Tung - Lam Dong)

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Thank Manh Tung for submitting the question to us.Whetherorthodontic treatment affects the health of the teeth , we would like to answer as follows:

Extraction of teeth in orthodontic braces is not mandatory, and extraction is only indicated for cases where it is necessary to create space to rearrange the teeth on the jaw.

In fact, noorthodontistwants to extract the patient's teeth unless absolutely necessary.However, in the long run, a good bite is better than a "toothed" tooth, but the contact between the teeth is not good.In the past, extractions were often "simple", and everyone was able to do it.Nowadays, the requirements of orthodontic techniques, implant implants require ingenious extraction, "maximum conservation".Therefore, modern, advanced equipment is something that every dentist should invest.

Orthodontics is not only good for teeth but also improves chewing and health

The chewing capacity of the teeth depends on the surface of the "real contact" tooth with the opposite function when eating chewing gum.That is, if you have a tooth or teeth that are deflected inside or out, those teeth "do not have chewing contact."

On the health of a tooth, a tooth achieves long-term durability and longevity if the tooth is placed upright in relation to the jaw.For example, if the front teeth are protruding, under the effect of chewing force.The root can be affected, and the "health" of the teeth may not be as good with a straight tooth compared to the jawbone.

Asorthodontist, the doctor will try to align the teeth to the jaw bone, to help teeth "health" when eating the best.

In addition, in fact, it is sometimes impossible to achieve the ideal axis tilt, as it should be based on the gap on the jaw.If the patient's teeth are severely constricted and polished as much as possible, the patient should accept a certain degree of tooth decay.Usually, the reason is that the patient is too late, when the tooth is too much.Less, after orthodontics, dental health may not be as good as initially, however, to improve the chewing function, many people still adoptorthodontics to be effective.

As such, braces - orthodontics is not a "miracle" device that can move teeth without space.Braces can not help the back teeth, even if only 0.5mm if there is no space.Depending on the case, the doctor will advise you.Please visit the Mind Center for direct consultation physicians based on the analysis of your teeth.


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