Easy to confuse between mouth heat, mouth ulcers and oral cavity cancer

Easy to confuse between mouth heat, mouth ulcers and oral cavity cancer

Need to check immediately if the ulcer does not heal after 2 weeks, tooth extraction does not heal, tooth swing is unclear, difficult to swallow, hard to swallow ...

 Take care after extraction and extraction minor surgery

 6 cancer signs you can identify yourself at home

Screening for oral cavity cancer.

Oral cavity cancer is very easy to diagnose and detect early, but subjective, even mistaken for oral ulcers, patients are often treated when it is too late.

Mr TVN (40 years old) was hospitalized with severe, unspecified tongue infiltration.

At first, he was only heat, mouth ulcers, thought he was hot so he took medicine, medicine, but not cool down.At the hospital, he was diagnosed with tongue cancer and had to completely remove his tongue and proceed with radiotherapy.

According to doctors, early stage oral cavity cancer is less likely to cause pain, irritation or pain in the lower extremities.

Only when the lesions are diffused, ulcers are not immediately present and symptoms such as difficulty eating, difficulty swallowing, bleeding, ear pain, lymph nodes in the neck ... tumors oral cavity was too large.

Cancer of the oral cavity consists of: lips (upper, lower, margin), upper jaw, lower jaw, joint junction, tongue, cheek blisters and mouth floor.If treatment in stage 1 and 2, the survival rate over 5 years can be up to 85%.

However, when the tumor was invasive, with lymph node metastases, the rate fell below 50%.

Specialists also warned that even when patients are surgically removed tumors, radiation therapy is very easy to relapse or secondary cancer should be needed to be monitored periodically after treatment.

Oral cancer is the sixth most common cancer in the world, the fourth most common cancer in men and the eighth in female cancers.

Smoking and alcohol are the two leading causes of oral cavity cancer.People who have a habit of chewing betel leaves, pimples are susceptible to cancer in the cheek.

Long-term exposure to UV rays in the sunlight, especially in light-colored people vulnerable to DNA in cancer-causing skin cells.Poor oral hygiene, improper dentures cause irritation leading to cancerous mucosa.

Expression of oral cavity cancer.

According to Dr. Khanh Duy, patients should immediately see a specialist doctor if signs:

 The ulcer does not heal after 2 weeks Scleroderma, papules in the mouth White / red / black plaque in the mouth, tooth extraction does not heal Teeth unexplained Functional difficulties: difficult to chew, hard to say, increased saliva

Patients can also detect signs of cancer of the oral cavity when they see large, swollen, irregular swelling in the lips, mouth and throat that is detected through mirror or hand.

An ulcer occurs in the mouth that is fixed in a position, not wound or tends to spread, even when using conventional drugs for 2-3 weeks.

Uncommon pain, dizziness, dull pain, pain is not clear;swallowing, choking, swallowing or difficulty swallowing, hoarseness, unusual voice changes, weight loss, fatigue ...

According to Infonet


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