Experience the international standard oral care service.

Experience the international standard oral care service.

     Nhan Tam Dental Center performs painless implant placement surgery. Apply implant placement technology by ultrasonic device Piezotome – no invasion to nerve structure, sinus membrane, blood vessels as well as meninges ( a membrane to cover the brain) resulting in no pain during surgery process. With 20 years experience in implant treatment successful on over 10 thousand customers and is an expert on implant placement surgery, Vo Van Nhan PhD, DDS always put the mechanism of pain under control in order that the surgery is taken place accurately, quick healing and high efficient.

     Using 5 dimension CT technology from USA: limits the need of root canal treatment, aesthetic crown like natural teeth, accurate mold, no gum line exposure, short treatment time.

     With laser teeth whitening – an advanced technology following European standard for fastest whitening effect, safety, no teeth sensitive, plaque and stain removal to reach a shiny confident smile.

     Using latest generation of 3D CT Cone Beam System that helps dentist have an accurate diagnosis and patient overall clinical condition for the most effective treatment plan

      Treated by leading expert on cosmetic orthodontic - Dr. Tran Thi Nga – Deputy Director of Nhan Tam Dental Centre, ensure to bring the high aesthetic result, shorten treatment time, limits teeth removal.