How long will laser teeth whitening effects last?

How long will laser teeth whitening effects last?

Question: Hi, I'm planning to whiten my teeth. I heard that laser tooth whitening is the best way to bleach teeth, but I do not know how long laser teeth whitening effective? Can your doctor advise you? 

(Bich Thuy - Ba Ria Vung Tau)

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Dear Bich Thuy!

First, the dentist sincerely thank you for your trust in our dental care.How long does laser tooth whitening last? Your answers will be as follows:

Laser tooth whitening is a method of using special light energy of lasers that activates the catalyst in the bleaching gel to significantly accelerate the activation time while enhancing the whitening result by eight times. with old tooth color.

Laser tooth whiteningis a new technique for teeth whitening.A bright white teeth will help the employer feel confident when smiling.But if you do not have the teeth you want, then today's technology with laser light technology in dentistry will bring you a bright white teeth as dreamed.

Teeth whitening with laser will help remove stains that cause yellowing, returning the bright white teeth

How long does this treatment last depends on the level of dental care after bleaching?If taken care of, your bright white teeth will be maintained for over 3 years.

Bleaching whitening laser has a 15% hydrogen peroxide level, which is certified by the International Dental Association to be absolutely safe and harmless to the enamel and sensitive teeth, completely non-irritating. Or for teeth, lips and gums.

Therefore, laser whitening will have a rapid and effective white light after only 1 hour, and effective effects last over 3 years, possibly up to 5 years or more if care is taken. Good oral hygiene.

Althoughlaser tooth whitening is the best bleaching method available today, not all dentures perform well. Therefore, you should learn and choose a reliable, reliable address to make teeth whitening is safe and get the best results.

The information above we hope to help you answer the question. Laser teeth whitening effectively lasts.Hope you will soon have a bright white teeth, a smile more confident.


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