How much does teeth whitening at Dental Center?

How much does teeth whitening at Dental Center?

After the quality of service, the price will always be what the customer most interested.Teeth whitening, how long does it take is not the question of many dental customers.In order to help customers and readers understand more about this, in this article, Nhan Tam Dental Center will provide full information.

How much does whitening cost depends on?

There are probably a lot of people who can not figure out what the cost of whitening will be.And of course, accurate statistics are not possible, however, Dental Center will suggest to customers and you read the list of fees usually in the price of teeth whitening services.

First of all, it is the cost of bleaching and sterile equipment maintenance.These are the items needed to make teeth whitening for customers, not only help achieve good results but also ensure hygiene and safety.

Next, the price paid to the doctor, the direct treatment for the customer will also be included in thepricecombiningteeth.A doctor is an important factor that determines whether or not a successful whitening treatment is successful.The doctor will specify bleaching concentration and level of light to activate bleach, to bring bright white teeth and color to each other for customers.

How much is the best price?

To determinebleachingteeth whitening how much moneyis the most logical, you can refer to the price list of dental whitening Carnegie:

If customers choose to bleach teeth with bleach, the cost of implementation will be cheaper, only about 2 million VND a route.The duration of whitening of teeth in this method is about 1-2 years.If customers choose to whiten teeth with modern technology, namely Laser Whitening technology of France, the price will be higher, about 3.500.000 VND a route.Time to maintain the color fastness of the teeth up to 5 years if good care.

The highest price of dental services at Nhat Tam Dental is 4,000,000 VND, for cases where teeth are infected with tetracycline.So, if you compare the economy and efficiency, then clearly Laser Whitening is still the best choice for you.

Why there is a difference in price between teeth whitening?

There is a difference in price between teeth whitening because each facility will adopt a different technology and different bleach.In particular, the method of Bleaching with Laser Whitening origin from France has higher price than usual because of the quality of new technology and has been tested for safety.

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is one of the few dental clinics in Vietnam that has successfully applied this new technology and is creating remarkable aesthetic values ​​that are selected by most whitening clients. .For most people who have experienced Laser Whitening, the question ofhow much money to bleachis not a question worth thinking about.Because the effect it brings is completely worth the cost that customers spend.



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