How to cure bad breath?

How to cure bad breath?

Question: Hello doctor, I'm 20 years old, is in college for the second year. I have a bad breath smell and foul, I shy away with my friends in common and embarrassing when communicating with people around. She cleaned her mouth very well but could not understand why she still had bad breath. Your doctor can advise you on how to cure bad breath. I thank the doctor

(Thu Dieu - Lam Dong)

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Dear Dieu!Thank you for sharing your concerns with us.Bad breath is not just a matter of your own.Many people have questions like you, we will answer the desire to how to cure bad breath as follows:

Bad breath has many causes, among which oral hygiene is not the primary cause.Less oral hygiene, or poor oral hygiene, causes bacteria to build up, causing inflammation, leading to plaque and decay that cause bad breath in the oral cavity, leading to bad breath.

Bad breath makes you self-deprecating in communication

However, besides reasons oral health, bad breath also due to many other reasons.Many people suffer from bad breath but are unaware of some of the physical conditions, such as:

- Gastroesophageal reflux, gastrointestinal disorders

- Heat from liver or liver problems

- Sore throat

- Aciditis one or both sides.The most chronic form of chronic tonsillitis

- Liver failure, kidney failure, diabetes, tuberculosis ... also cause bad breath

- Due to sinusitis, rhinitis: fluid usually flows down the throat, bacteria in the mouth increase and the breath will have a bad smell.Bad breath can also be caused by some spicy foods such as onions, garlic, alcohol and cigarettes.

Some ways to get rid of bad breath

- Get the tartar.

- Brushing: brush your teeth regularly with a brush every day, kill bacteria.You can use mouthwash, chewing mints before going out to reduce odor.However, these methods only have immediate effect.

- Garlic mouth thoroughly after each meal, chewy coriander, or eat fruits such as oranges, grapefruit ... after meals.

Familiar foods are capable of treating bad breath

Keep your mouth moist by drinking water, shaving your tongue if your tongue contains food particles.

The best way to know what causes bad breath is to go to the dentist to see your doctor and give you the most accurate results.From there, identify the condition and have appropriate treatment, timely. Hope Thu Dieu will soon find the cause and cure the end, sobad mouth isno longer a problem affecting your study, work and life.


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