How to make teeth whiter?

How to make teeth whiter?


Dear doctor, I am 25 years old, I often have a sense of ê tooth brushing when eating or drinking hot or cold food.Your doctor can advise you on the cause of your teeth andhow to make your teeth healthy.

(Mai Linh - HCMC)

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Hi Mai Linh, thank you for sharing with us.In case oftooth sensitivity, we will answer you as follows:

According to the World Dental Organization, 50% of the population is adults with sensitive teeth when eating hot or cold foods.

Sensitive teeth or sensitive teeth, if not taken care and timely remedies will affect the life of teeth in particular and overall health.

Causes of tooth sensitivity

There are many causes for tooth sensitivity.Among them, the abuse of acidic foods is the root cause.This substance is commonly found in soda, soft drinks that erode the enamel, stimuli such as hot, cold, sour will cause dentin and ivory pipes to come out and lead to toothache.In addition, receding gums can also expose dentin and cause sensitivity.Tooth decay is also a dangerous cause of dental stinginess. Eating too hot or too cold food, even in deep holes, when the air enters you will also feel pain.


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