How to whiten teeth fast?

How to whiten teeth fast?

Question: Hi doctor, I'm 21 years old, recently, I noticed that my teeth are going to tarnish a lot, when laughing feeling lost confidence. I want to whiten teeth but do not know how to whiten teeth fastest today. Looking for a doctor to help you, thank you.

(Thu Dieu - Binh Phuoc)

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Dear Thu Dieu.Thank you for your trust and sharing with us.For questions about "How to whiten your teeth fastest", Nhan Tam Dental Clinic would like to answer as follows:

At present, there are quite a number of methods of whitening you can choose depending on the cost as well as the actual needs.However, basically home-based teeth whitening methods, such as white-tooth paste, whitening pads are not always safe, the potential risk to the lips and gums is likely to occur.In addition, the effectiveness of this method is not guaranteed and is usually seen to be effective for at least a week or a half months after use.Therefore, for those who wish to have a shiny teeth immediately, this is not the best solution.

Laser whitening is the fastest way to whiten teeth

Laser Whitening is currently the leadingwhitening technologyin the United States and is recommended by the International Dental Federation for cases of accelerated whitening without harm to health.

Laser Whitening provides bright white teeth, all colors

Why is Laser Whitening the fastest way?

Laser Whitening technology uses wavelengths of laser light to activate the whitening molecules and completely remove the pigments from the teeth.Compared to home-based bleaching, it takes a few weeks for the new technology to cut off the protein chains in just 30 minutes.Especially, after only 10 minutes of bleaching, you can see your teeth shining up to 8 degrees on the moon scale.

Not only bring the most natural shine for the jaw, bleach used in Laser Whitening technology is also certified to ensure absolute safety, is a 5-star dental product, absolutely no harm to the lips. the gums also do not wear off the enamel outside.Made with the new technology, you can be assured of safety, no complications and not create a sense of sensitivity during and after whitening.

The efficacy of Laser Whitening is also proven in dentists at the heart of dentistry with the satisfaction of customers when bleaching teeth have high color fastness, not tarnished in many years.If you know how to take good care of your teeth, the effect can last up to more than 5 years without the need for awhitening procedure .

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