I have a broken and decay incisor. What should I do?

I have a broken and decay incisor. What should I do?

Question:Dear doctor, I am 22 years old and I have a broken and toothed door.What should I do?

 Tooth decay should be soldering, filling teeth?

 Does toothache grow?


Doctor Vo Van Nhan:

Hi, depending on the condition of the tooth, there is tooth damage or not to have the appropriate treatment.If the lesion is small, there is no damage to the tooth, just fill it with aesthetic material such as composite or today with aesthetics rather than porcelain implant.Or if the internal teeth can be filled with classic materials amalgam.

Amalgam filler

If the teeth are large, the injury to the pulp should treat the pulp well before repair.Today, if the inside teeth can be made of ceramic or porcelain restorations.However, the choice of full ceramic restorations is better than metal porcelain because of the characteristics of porcelain restorations that have a good biological compatibility with the gum tissue, which is less likely to cause gingivitis.

Direct examination of your child's clinical condition through a 3-D CT imaging system will provide accurate diagnostic results.This helps the doctor to advise her accurately and to plan for specific treatment so that she can improve her smile as soon as possible.

In particular, if your teeth are in the front of the door, the ceramic should not be metal to avoid blacking the gum and natural teeth.

AtDental Carnegie equipped Cercon smart ceramics system based on CAD / CAM (design and manufacturing thanks to the support from the computer).With the CAD / CAM system, the design and production of zirconia crowns and bridges is fast and accurate.This will help your denture to look like real teeth in terms of chewing and aesthetics.

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