Implant procedure

Implant procedure

Implant procedure at Nhan Tam Implant Center

Surgeon: Dr VO VAN NHAN

Step 1

Before you receive implants, your dentist will have to carefully assess your dental condition. He will also ask about your existing medical conditions, medical history and medications being taken. Your initial interview and check-up will help determine if you are a good candidate for implants.

Aside from determining your fitness, knowing your dental and health conditions will allow your dentist to determine the right procedure and approach for you. There are different forms of implants depending on a patient's jaw condition. Some may also require bone grafting or antibiotics before implantation. Example as below

Patient imformation:

- Name: V.T.T

- General: Female

- Year of birth: 1979

Health condition: good
Dental condition: missing all upper teeth and have gum problem lower teeth. She requires restoration all of teeth, upper and lower.

Step 2: Takes X ray Panoramic and Dental CT Cone Beam at Nhan Tam Implant Center

This xray shows very little remaining her upper jaw. She will need grafting to increase the height of bone in the back part of her upper jaw.

Evaluate the condition of jawbone density

Step 3: Treatment planning

The surgical placement of dental implants must be planned based on what a patient wants to achieve.

Upper: 8 implants support bridges 14 teeth, bone grafting and 2 mini implant

Mini implants support temporary removable denture during fixed prosthetic on the implant and then they are removed.

Lower: 8 implants support bridges 14 teeth, extraction, bone grafting, 1 mini implant and 2 immediate implants

Step 4: Place implants

Took an X ray after implants had inserted

Step 5: Prosthetic on implant

Takes an X ray to check frame of bridges on the implants

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