Inflammation of the tooth

Inflammation of the tooth

Dental caries can cause acute myelitis, widespread myelitis, myelitis or myelitis.

 Avoid killing marrow during fixed restoration

 Cure the pulp is not clean

Acute myelitis

Bleeding and dentin if not treated will lead toinflammation of the pulp chamber. The pulp is the blood vessel that nourishes the tooth, and if left untreated, it is very painful.This stage, if treated, can still hold the teeth but it takes time because of the infected tooth, before filling the area to be treated completely infected area.

Spreading myelitis

Inflammation of the medulla is a complete inflammation of the marrow: the marrow and spinal cord. If left untreated, the treatment is very time consuming and complicated.

Dead bone marrow, damaged marrow

At this stage the pulp is dead and discolored, millions of germs in the inflamed pulp will enter the bloodstream, bad breath, eat chewing.

The process of tooth decay causes myelitis


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