Is tooth root inflammation dangerous?

Is tooth root inflammation dangerous?

Question: Doctor, a few months back I saw my roots or bleeding and swelling red.Especially when you brush your teeth or eat hard foods, your doctor advises you to have children with periodontal disease, and if you have dental caries, how to treat, how dangerous?

(Hoai Thu - Nghe An)

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Welcome to Hoai Thu, thank you for sharing your question for Nhan Tam Dental. Inquiries "Inflammation tooth dangerous" by you, we would be answered as follows:

As you describe, the symptomatic root canal bleeding you are experiencing may be a sign of gum disease.If the bleeding in the root of your mouth is accompanied by symptoms such as swollen red gums, soreness, pus-filled teeth, swelling ... then you should go to the dentist for examination because after gingivitis, you may suffer from varicose veins. The more severe, affects the organization around the teeth and even loss of teeth without proper care and treatment.

Is tooth root inflammation dangerous?

Rootdamage with the above symptoms, you almost have gingivitis.This is also the first stage of periodontal disease, once your health, resistance is weakened, the more dangerous.Gingivitis and lesions are an ideal environment for bacterial growth.Gums play a role in protecting and covering the teeth.When the roots become infected, it not only causes damage to the oral cavity but can also affect your overall health.

For prolonged inflammation, more serious disease progression will cause osteonecrosis, stomatitis and tooth loss.


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