Painless tooth extraction Extraction with Piezotome ultrasonic surgery units

Painless tooth extraction Extraction with Piezotome ultrasonic surgery units

One of the biggest concerns of all patients when extracting the 8 teeth is fear of pain.With the technology of painless tooth extraction with ultrasound piezotome in Dental Center, you completely forget the anxiety.Piezotome ultrasound not only helps to remove 8 teeth safely, painless, shorten the time of tooth extraction but also help quickly with every case of hard growing teeth.

Extraction of painless tooth with Piezotome ultrasonic

 What is a Piezotome ultrasonic surgery units?
 In 2007 Acteon-Satalec scientist invented Piezo -Ultrasonic technology used in the field ofdentistry, opened a new era: application of piezotome ultrasound surgery, using Piezo-Ultrasonic technology to successfulimplantation,safeextraction of teeth, implant surgery, bone grafting, sinus lift ...The ultrasonic piezotome shakes flexibly with a selective frequency of 28 - 36 Khz, which acts on hard tissues, without damaging soft tissues.Frequency modulation of ultrasound wavelengths provides the smoothness of the surgical procedure, optimal cell regeneration, effective pain relief aftertooth extraction, and rapid healing. .

Therefore, technologyextractionsultrasonic Piezotome appreciate receiving expertise and is the choice of leading technicaltooth extraction.

One wisdom tooth extraction at Dental Center

The results and methods may vary depending on the individual's condition

 Advantages of the piezotome ultrasonic surgery units Newest anesthesia.In addition to professional skills of doctors to help the teeth 8 is difficult to handle lightly, quickly, anesthesia is a powerful tool to help customers do not feel pain. With anesthetics imported from Germany, right from the first injection, the drug will work immediately within 1 second around the root zone 8 under the freezing mechanism, making the customer completely no sense. in this area.During the extraction of teeth 8, you will hear the doctor talk to relieve anxiety and tooth 8 will be processed when you do not know.

Gentle extraction

 The ultrasonic piezotome shakes flexibly with a selective frequency of 28 - 36 Khz, which acts on hard tissues, without damaging soft tissues.At this selective frequency, the doctor will place the ultrasound machine around the root of the tooth gently, the ligaments around the tooth will automatically break out.The teeth and gums will be separated, the gums will not stick to the teeth anymore, making it easier to fold the teeth out of the jaw.By using ultrasound to separate the teeth from the gums, this technique does not hurt or invade the gums, so theextractionwill be gentle, not as painful astraditionalextractiontechniques.Ultrasound does not affect the gums so patients do not have to worry about tearing gums whenextracting teeth.The operation was performed lightly, the patient just felt a little bit numb in the teeth but no complex feeling, as heavy as pulling teeth in the past.

Help quick injury

 Ultrasound technology not only applies in the case ofextraction8 but with all other extractions that help the patient feel comfortable and light.In particular,painless extraction with thePiezotome ultrasoundwith large and complex teeth, such as the number 8 teeth when leaving often leave large holes, need to sew some nose, piezotome ultrasound will help speed. It hurts faster because it does not affect the soft tissues.  Customers will soon be eating, normal activities, less abstinence thannormaltooth extraction.Thepainless extraction of the tooth with the Piezotome ultrasoundis done quickly, only about 20 - 30 minutes;With cases ofwisdomtooth extractionit may take a little longer, not to last as long as hours.
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