Root canal is not clean

Root canal is not clean

Some time after the denture saw pain and swelling in the gums of the denture, on the gingiva see a white protrusion, pressing at once see the yellow mucus discharge, also sometimes not seen. what These are signs that the pulp is not clean.

The teeth are inflamed

 Avoid killing marrow during fixed restoration

Treatment of unclean marrow is not sensitive, unpleasant when eating hot, cold chewing

According to Dr. Vo Van Nhan: These symptoms show that your teeth are not marrowed or have pulp but not satisfactory, leading to infection, forming a pus in the root of the tooth roots.

Although oral medications can stop pain over time, it is very unlikely for many reasons: the disease can not be completely reversed if only the medication is used, the disease will recur and the pus in the jaw will become increasingly Growing up and can cause harm to the healthy teeth in the neighborhood, not to mention the purchase of drugs (without a doctor's prescription) leading to drug resistance that makes it difficult to treat later.

The treatment of unclean pulp can affect your teeth permanently.So go to the dentist's office to be treated as soon as possible.

Because of the need to treat but not remove the dentures have done, this can be done by surgery (a small surgery with local anesthesia).However, it is the decision of the doctor based on the specific examination on the oral health and health of patients to have a reasonable treatment regimen, resulting in the best treatment results.


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