Sensitive teeth but no tooth decay

Sensitive teeth but no tooth decay

Stiff teeth or sensitive teeth are the common way of feeling overwhelmed.If you eat hot, cold, sweet or sour foods or when you breathe in cold air, you have a feeling of sensitivity or toothache that means you have sensitive teeth.

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Tooth sensitivity has many causes

 Tooth sensitivity is usually caused by dentin in the root area exposed by gum recession or periodontal disease.This is a very common phenomenon and has a high proportion.

When exposed, the tooth does not have a glaze like crowns.Instead, the root of the tooth has a thin outer covering called a cement.When the tooth is lost, the dentin will be exposed.

According to Dr. Vo Van Nhan: brushing too hard or using high abrasive toothpaste can also damage the enamel surface and expose ivory.A high acidic diet - such as many sour foods, yogurt or soda - can cause tooth erosion and decay of the tooth surface and lead to cataracts.

When teeth are sensitive, you will feel toothache when combing.As a result, if you brush your teeth too hard, you will face more risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Usually sensitive because of tooth decay, but you do not know, worn tooth decay, rhinitis tooth roots, ...

 Causes of pain in the exposed dentin According to Dr. Vo Van Nhan, dentin contains thousands of tiny ivory tubes that can only be observed with a microscope.These tubes connect from the tooth surface, through the dentin to the nerve center of the tooth in the pulp.

These tubes contain fluid.After eating or drinking hot or cold food, the fluid in these tiny ivory tubes moves and stimulates the nerve fibers in the teeth to cause toothache.

What is the difference between bruxism, abrasion and erosion?

 Tooth breaking due to bruxism: worn due to contact between teeth and teeth Abrasion: worn by foreign objects such as bristles, nails, hair clippers, etc. Erosion: due to exposure of a chemical agent with teeth like lemon juice, gastric juice, ...

Properly brushing your teeth will not hurt your teeth

Prevention of tooth sensitivity

You can reduce the risk of tooth sensitivity by maintaining oral hygiene to prevent gum loss and periodontal disease.Brushing and flossing properly as directed by the dentist.Also, using a low abrasive toothpaste can reduce the risk of tooth sensitivity.

A non-acid diet also helps prevent sensitive teeth.

Not treating sensitive teeth can lead to other dental problems, especially the painful feeling when brushing your teeth will cause you to brush thoroughly - this is a risk of tooth decay or periodontal disease.


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