Should I get snaggleteeth?

Should I get snaggleteeth?

Dear doctor! My teeth are quite straight and beautiful, but not very charming. When I was a kid, I really liked to have snaggleteeth. So now I want to have snaggleteeth to get a better smile. Please give me an advice: "should I get snaggleteeth and how?".

(Thao Tien - HCMC)

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Dear Thao Tien!

Thank you for your trust and sharing with us. About should you get your snaggleteeth, we would like to answer :

Snaggleteeth are being loved by young people, especially in Japan, which has become a fashion for many girls. In general, the snaggleteeth have no function, getting a snaggletooth may face some dental care problems, but it brings a great meaning about cosmetic. The snaggleteeth will make your smile more charming, friendly and attractive. Because of the correlation between function and aesthetics, many people are wondering about making a snaggletooth or not as you are.

Snaggleteeth will make the smile becomes more charming, friendly and attractive.

Previously, due to the concerns about oral care is not guaranteed, so most dentists do not encourage having a snaggletooth. However, the recent awareness of the importance of dental care has improved. If you really like to have snaggleteeth o become more charming, or confident then should not worry about it.

In your case, the upper teeth are pretty and stable. It will be easy for you to keep your mouth clean when the jaw shape and your teeth are straight. So, there is no difficulty in oral care when you have snaggleteeth. You just only pay attention to the new teeth while cleaning your teeth.

After having snaggleteeth, you should ask your doctor about snaggleteeth care as well as the whole mouth, get the follow-up schedule to check the durability, and the teeth health to take the timely solution when the teeth have problems.


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