Should we have braces for impacted teeth?

Should we have braces for impacted teeth?

Question: Hello doctor! I have a tooth that grows into the upper jaw like a peanut. The shape of this tooth is similar to a small tooth or canine but I'm not sure because it does not pop up. Ask your doctor for advice on whether or not braces peanuts out of the mouth or not spit anymore? Thank doctors!

(Quynh Nhu - Hanoi)

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Thank you for your trust and sharing with us.Asked whether braces peanut peanut from your jaw, Nhan Tam Dental Center would like to answer as follows:

Determining whether braces peanut off the jaw or not will be very difficult if you just describe such a profile.To be able to specify the direction of treatment specific braces, doctors must carefully based on the results of the examination in detail and specific.

If the braces are full teeth do not need to bite peanut but just spit it out.Teeth of the missing teeth are usually two directions indicated for treatment as follows:

 Teeth whitening is a form of teeth, the determination is quite easy.Just compare the teeth on the teeth to see if there is missing teeth and do peanut braces to pull teeth to the teeth. The teeth do not clear the shape of the tooth after thebraceson the position of the tooth and need to reshape it by using a porcelain crown to recreate the teeth.But if you do not want to braces, just pull out the teeth and replant the teeth in the vacant position is okay.

Should we have braces for impacted teeth?

In allbracessituations, it isimportant to note that only braces are directly on the teeth where the gap is available in the correct position of missing teeth.In case there is not enough space, the need to pull the teeth or extend the jaw to make room for teeth to pean in.

If your jaw is pushed enough teeth, just remove the peanut teeth

So the direction of treatment will be very flexible, can not be sure to you will treat you in any direction.It is best to come directly to the dentist for the most accurate advice.

If you havebraces,you will be using modern 3M UGSL technology.Technology developed by orthodontists at the prestigious Forsyth Dental Clinic in the United States successfully developed the following four major advantages:

 Helps to move the teeth to the correct position, harmonious standard with the teeth on the jaw, the bite to ensure the standard rate, mouth mold harmony.Effective orthodontic treatment to ensure the correct schedule of the doctor in the treatment schedule, no difference affects the movement of the teeth.No pain, no big friction, no bung bung slips while wearing on teeth should save maximum time treatment The technique does not damage the jawbone and teeth.Both teeth and bones are well-adapted and stable during and after treatment.

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