Some painful ways to teething?

Some painful ways to teething?

Question: Hi, I'm 21 years old, now have a wisdom tooth, now is preparing to grow the second in the upper jaw. I'm waiting for it to sprout up and then spit it out. But I was so sick that I did not eat or drink. Your doctor can advise you on some of the ways to relieve pain when teething, thank you. 

(Phuong Nhi - Long An)

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Dear Nhi!Thank you for your question about Dentistry.With your sharing, we will give you some tips for pain relief when teething quickly, effectively.

Teeth whitening is one of the most obsessive phobia for most people because of the intense pain that causes loss of sleep.To minimize this discomfort, our father studied and reshaped many of the painful ways teething works.With Nhan Tam dentist see what are the ways and how to do in this article nhé.

Reducing pain while teething wisdomeffectively at home:

To relieve pain when wisdom teeth are clove

Using cloves to relieve pain when wisdom teeth are a common method used to ease pain at home.The use of cloves is highly anti-inflammatory.In particular, cloves are also "anesthetic" so it can feel like when we are under anesthesia with drugs.After use, the toothache will no longer feel pain.

How to use: You just put a clove in the mouth and suck in about 5 - 10 minutes.Or use a cotton swab to apply clove powder to the gums and wisdom teeth to relieve pain for both teeth and gums, while enhancing the antiseptic properties of teeth.

Cloves can maintain heat for wisdom teeth for several hours.So, after this time you repeat once or put the clove on the tooth until the pain.

How to relieve pain when teething with garlic

Garlic can be used for temporary relief to reduce pain.This is a painful way to wisdom teeth are quite effective, easy to implement.Garlic is very antibacterial, especially for bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties to reduce swelling, reduce inflammation effectively

How to cure tooth ache is very simple, just use garlic cloves peeled lightly rub on the toothache around the teeth and around the gums.Perform gently until the sores gently bite garlic on the teeth for a while until the pain is gone.Maintenance time depends on each person, but to see the feeling of moisture back to rub the garlic once.

Onions to cure wisdom teeth

Onions are also effective in treating toothache because onions have very good anti-inflammatory, effective pain relief, but the reduction may vary from person to person.

Mint leaves help to relieve pain when wisdom teeth

Mint leaves have many uses in the treatment of oral diseases, which can be used to perfume the mouth to cure toothache.

Mint has many uses for pain relief

Take the dry mint leaves on the teeth for about 20 minutes, repeated several times a day, depending on the amount and condition of the pain.Using mint leaves, you not only find the pain more tender but also see the strong.

Use olive oil to relieve pain for wisdom teeth

In addition to beauty, olive oil can also reduce the pain of wisdom teeth.Simply apply olive oil on wisdom teeth, gums around and adjacent teeth.When the mixture is absorbed, the pain will decrease.

Cucumber "cool" toothache wisdom

With just a few slices of cool cucumber put on the teeth, around the teeth and gums for about 30 minutes was able to cut the toothache effectively.The vitamins and minerals found in melon are absorbed by the tissue and the pain is reduced.

Cucumber has many uses, one of which is pain relief when teething

How to relieve pain when teeth wisdom with salt water

Brine is a friend of the mouth, mouthwash with salt water daily to disinfect.When toothache, can increase the number of mouthwashes brine during the day.Rinse mouth once every hour for good effect.Salt water is also an analgesic after extraction of wisdom teeth quite well for you.


This is the fastest pain relief, in many cases and depending on the type of medicine you buy, the pain will sometimes go away completely, only when the effects of the drug, pain returns.Your job is to take the next pill, maintain until the pain is resolved.Often every period of toothache lasts only a few days.

The pain is not the opportunity to "torture" you anymore, the only way is to extract wisdom teeth.This is an indication not only for immediate pain relief but also for prophylaxis in the long run.At Mind Tam Dental, doctors have applied the most modern anesthesia techniques to minimize pain and complications when extracting wisdom teeth.

With modern techniques, team of doctors with long experience and enthusiasm for the profession,Nhan Tamis one of the reliable dental address in the field.


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