Temporomandibular joint disorders

Temporomandibular joint disorders

Symptoms ofmigraineinclude symptoms such aspain in the ear, open mouth to hear the call in the joints, not open mouth wide open, twisted to the side or not smooth, fatigue ... Initially, it may be "jaw-jaw-jaw" and then heavier to the temporal jaw.It can also be headache, neck and ear pain, ear pain, dizziness.This is a disease in which the function can not function normally (eating, chewing, talking, relaxing).

 Arthritis and temporomandibular joint

 Systemic chewing disorder

Dr. Vo Van Nhan advises on temporomandibular joint disease and prevention

Disease pain temporomandibular joint due to many factors coordinate several causes, often due to occlusion incorrect, bad habits (such as teeth grinding), psychological factors, trauma, disease temporomandibular joint (as low joints) ... Depending on the condition of the disease that the treatment may include joints, chewing, medication, surgery chiropractic. 

Joint surgery is performed when the joint between the two jaws is not correct, may need to grind the teeth (grinding the area to the bite trapped), tooth extraction, fillings, dentures ... to be able to joint bite to the right place. 

Chewing chewing is a device that is made up of individual patients, covering the teeth in the upper or lower jaw.It is usually made of hard plastic, transparent, removable.Chewing helps relieve pain and fatigue, helps balance the chewing system and protects the teeth.Depending on the condition of the disease, the patient can wear a trough at night or during the day.Chewing should be periodically checked by a doctor for a few weeks or months.

In case of dislocations when jaw or open large mouth may be due to the temporomandibular joint stretched.When yawning or opening large mouth, lower jaw slides out first, out of arthritic joints causing pain and do not close mouth.When this happens, you can ask the person in front of you to put a thumb, press down and push it back on the outside of the tooth.The lower jaw will return to its original position.Helpers need to keep their thumbs away from the chewing face because the jaw closes with a large chewing force.It is best to go to the doctor for a correction.

If you wake up in the morning or if you have pain, fatigue, or when you are working, you may experience some of the same symptoms that can be caused by stressful work that causes you to bite or grind your teeth.Can be treated with chewing or support by physical therapy such as ultrasound, massage.It is important to eliminate stress.

During treatment (or when treatment is complete), it is necessary to: Limit the food is too hard or too tough.Pay attention to avoid bad habits like grinding teeth, biting teeth, biting nails or other objects.Exercise and massage the joints as directed by your doctor.Cooling in pain areas is also an effective way to relieve pain.Taking time to relax, relax and relieve the stress of work, avoid stress in life will be good for  Arthritis pain in particular and health in general.


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