The wisdom teeth in the right upper jaw cause pain

The wisdom teeth in the right upper jaw cause pain

Hello doctor.I have a wisdom tooth in the upper jaw causing pain.Ask your doctor to visit any dental center in Saigon for medical examination and treatment.Thank you very much for your advice.

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Doctor Vo Van Nhan:

You may go to any dental center in Saigon for a medical examination. However, you should go to a dental center equipped with a 3-dimensional CT X-ray machine to get a proper screening test. Wisdom teeth, from which the most safe way to spit.

AtNhan Tam Dental Clinic, we provide the most modern 3-D CT scanners for accurate examination of dental conditions to provide the best and most appropriate treatment.

Modern imaging system helps to accurately assess the direction of growth, nervous system, blood vessels 

Removing the upper jaw is sometimes very simple, but in some cases it is very complicated, especially in the case of undergrowth and multiple legs.Because the wisdom teeth on the tooth (No. 8) is positioned and the posture to work very deep, it is difficult to see when wisdom teeth grow underground.Therefore, a 3-D CT scan should be performed, as well as an experienced physician, who specializes in oral surgery or facial surgery.

In the case of wisdom teeth that grow too complicated, the doctor will not apply the usual method of extraction that will extract wisdom teeth by the method of minor surgery.

The wisdom tooth extraction process with the Piezotome system supports healing quickly

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, in addition to a team of reputable doctors, long experience also equipped with modern facilities and strict strict sterilization process.So you can rest assured to extract wisdom teeth at Dental Center nhé.

Thank you!


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