What are dental crowns?

What are dental crowns?

Dental Crowns are “caps” that are made to fit over a damaged tooth.

They are often recommended for teeth that have become broken or for teeth that have become weak because of tooth decay or the existence of an old large filling that has deteriorated. In some cases a dentist may recommend a crown after a root canal if the existing tooth has become weak following the procedure. The crown will cover the tooth and provides both protection and restores the tooth to its proper shape. In some cases dental crowns are used for esthetic reasons. If a patient’s teeth are crooked or have too much space between them, the dentist may recommend fixing this using a crown or series of crowns.

Teeth that have become discolored may also be candidates for dental crowns. Most crowns can be produced to match the color and shade of the existing teeth so they will appear natural and will blend in with the surrounding teeth. Once the crown is cemented in place, it is permanent and can provide years of effective service. Keeping your gums healthy by practicing good oral hygiene will help ensure the longevity of the crown.

Below is some case with dental crown performed by Dr. Vo Van Nhan

* The effecitveness of treatment depends on each person's particular health condition 

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