What should we do if toothache happen at 4th, 5th, 6th tooth?

What should we do if toothache happen at 4th, 5th, 6th tooth?

Dear doctor, I am fifty years old, I have extracted two teeth in the most has long been.I took dentures to 3 teeth number 4.5.6, then went home pain for a week.Should doctors treat marrow by drilling through dentures?

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Doctor Vo Van Nhan:
Hi there.
For the best possible treatment of the 4.5.6 teeth, first determine the cause of the pain.

Problem 1: Thepain is due to arthritis, the second is due to the denture opening, the food is cramped and the third is in the process of grinding or attaching the injured teeth to the pulp. teeth.If it is a joint pain, it can be examined and resolved by adjusting the bite, not the need to treat the bone marrow.

Problem 2: Theteeth are crammed with food, restoration is open and lead to gingivitis, the restoration should be more closely.In the real case of tooth injury, then the treatment of the pulp.The treatment of tooth decay through crowns can be done but requires the doctor to have the skills and experience otherwise would drill into the marrow deviate from the outside and need to determine whether the tooth is rotated or are not.If the direction of rotation is rotated, the orientation of the pulp chamber will be difficult and may be deviated.

Can you arrange a time to visit the Mind Check Center and get an immediate consultation to get the most accurate answer through a 3-D CT scan?Particularly when visiting the dentist, the dentist will give you the most accurate advice on the problem you are experiencing.You should have a scan of your marrow chamber to have the best treatment possible.


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