When to wear ceramic teeth to treat pulp?

When to wear ceramic teeth to treat pulp?


Hello doctor Paris!I have to treat tooth decay to cover dental porcelain but heard a lot of cases have to treat new bone marrow dental porcelain.Looking for a doctor to help youwhen you need to treat dental pulp tooth pulp?Thank doctors!

(Kieu My - Quang Tri)

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Dear Kieu My, Thank you for your trust and sharing with us.For questionswhen the dental crowns need to treat your tooth pulp , we would like to answer as follows:

Tooth pulp is used to treat pulp or not depends entirely on the state of your teeth. It is not mandatory for porcelain crowns. The pulp therapy is indicated only when absolutely necessary and for the purpose of preventing subsequent bone marrow infections.

 Porcelain restorations coincide with real teeth in all aspects from size, scale and color

 Bright white teeth, clear and natural like the teeth, not chiseled, black tablets, open, ... Sturdy teeth, maximum force to help eat as good as real teeth Restoration time is shortened to the maximum using the system of machines to optimize, without errors.The longest denture on the jaw.

 The porcelain veneers to treat the pulpor not will depend on the specific situation of your cavities.You can contact Dentistry if you have any questions or concerns about dental problems.


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