Why do teeth need to be extracted for braces?

Why do teeth need to be extracted for braces?

Most people who have braces have a fear of extracting teeth.In fact, not all braces need to extract teeth.If the tooth extraction is indicated, the doctor carefully considered, ensuring effective braces and not affect the health of the patient.

 Frequently Asked Questions on Braces?

 Editing the teeth between the chanting is the best?

Bracesactually align the teeth to the desired position with the help of dental instruments, resulting in aesthetic beauty after the braces.For cases where the teeth are too thick, uneven, or deviated from the jaw, tooth extraction seems to be mandatory.Because you want to pull the teeth in place, there must be space for the teeth to move.Orthodontists will rely on 3D film images and careful calculations in order to bring about good results as the teeth are as beautiful as originally expected.

Why do dentist remove teeth for braces?

Understanding the nature of thebraces techniqueand the indications of the doctor is mandatory, rather than the wish or not to extract the teeth before the braces.

Most cases ofbracesare due to crowded teeth, crowns, deviations, so the extraction must be carried out to widen the gap to help the wear process to achieve certain effects.However, in some cases, the teeth are not too thick, so the dentist will consider to preserve the number of teeth or limit the extraction of teeth.It is also possible for the doctor to expose the patient's jaw to extend the arch and area of ​​the tooth arch, slowly pushing the molar teeth apart to allow enough space to move when the braces.In these cases, the patient does not need to extract the teeth and still produces the best braces.

One of the braces is done at Nhat Tam dentistry

Extraction depends on the specific condition of the individual teeth, the decision to extract the braces also depends on the process of reviewing images and analysis of the analysis of the orthodontist.

Just recently, the 3D ClearBrace solution has far outstripped many other transparent braces because of its efficiency and cost.In addition, this is also called the method "braces do not extract teeth."To create gaps that allow the teeth to move when using braces without 3D Clear, dentists will prefer using techniques such as teeth whitening, dentures to widen the gap and preserve the number. the amount of teeth.

In short, if you choose the right method ofbracesand good doctors, getting regular teeth is no longer too distant for people with congenital tumors.

The results and methods may vary depending on the individual's condition

There is no general answer to the question of extracting teeth whenbraces are good, but it depends on the specific dental situation of each person. The doctor will decide whether or not to remove the tooth. Based on images taken in the Smile Design Pro software that is equipped with Nhat Tam dentistry, the patient fully sees the movement of his or her teeth until the end of the wear process.

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic always develops a comprehensive treatment plan, from stage to stage, so that patients can understand all the problems. Thousands of cases of braces in Nhan Tam Dental Clinic have been satisfied with the method as well as treatment results.


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