Why does teeth sensitivity occur after filling?

Why does teeth sensitivity occur after filling?

Why are you experiencing teeth sensitivity after filling? Excluding the pain caused by pulp disease, which should have been extracted before the filling, sensitivity of the teeth can be caused by the following reasons.

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Causes of tooth sensitivity after filling:

Teeth become sensitive due to the compressing pressure of the material onto the sinus cavity during filling and caused the dentinal fluid to move within the tubules which lead to pain.

Teeth sensitivity due to the filling hardening process, the composite tends to shrink towards the head, creating a gap between the composite and dentin, then the dentinal fluid would fill that gap. Thus, when chewing, the pressure makes the fluid move causing pain.

According to Dr. Vo Van Nhan: if you have teeth sensitivity after filling, you need come to the doctor to check the filling and might require a refilling.

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