Why should I replace multiple teeth with dental implants

Why should I replace multiple teeth with dental implants

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Disadvantages of removable prostheses (Denture)

Removable prostheses decreases the bite force significantly

Ability to chew is compromised with removable prosthesis, often causing GI disorders

Possible decrease in life span with removable prosthesis

Attachment teeth of removable prosthesis can have increased mobility, plaque, bleeding and cavities

Embarrassment from loose prosthesis

Decrease of supporting bone

Sore spots

Advantages of Implant-Supported Prostheses (Denture)

- Bone loss is prevented

- Able to restore and maintain height and support of facial structures

- Preserve the integrity of facial esthetics

- No unsightly clasps or hooks

- Elimination of denture adhesives

- Improved taste of food

- Esthetic improvement

- Improved speech

- Improved biting force

- Improved chewing efficiency

- Improved function of prostheses

- Smaller prosthesis/restoration

- Improved stability and retention of prosthesis

- Increased lifetime of prosthesis

- Elimination of need to alter adjacent teeth

- More permanent replacement

- Improved psychological health

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